World Space Week PORTUGAL

FEATURE: World Space Week PORTUGAL 2020


WORLD SPACE WEEK PORTUGAL plans to prepare a book of articles by students and companies/organisations on space related issues.

This Year’s World Space Week Events (10 Total Events)

World Space Week – Flores, Azores Azores 04, Oct 2020
Two contests aimed at 7-9th grades and High School students (10-12th grades) will take place in two distinct days, and taking into consideration the necessary health security measures. Some online talks from Ciência Viva will take place.

World Space Week- Santa Cruz das Flores, Azores Azores 04, Oct 2020
During this week, the City Hall of Santa Cruz das Flores will exhibit posters across the municipality regarding space related topics. Some prizes to top students in the space contests at EBS Flores will be awarded.

World Space Week Azores 06, Oct 2020
During the week of 6 to 9 October students will participate in debates on satellites and how they contribute to our daily lives. Students aged 10 to 12 will understand how GPS works. Students aged 12 to 15 years old will check, through satellite images, how we can detect marine litter. Students aged 15 to 18 will understand how, through satellite images, one can study the geology of the land and see coastal erosion. At school, there will be an exhibition alluding to the theme.

Astro Party AEFFL calls Algarve 04, Oct 2020
Inserted in a etwinning project, 10th grade students will perform a cloud chamber experiment to detect astro particles. Besides it, we pretend realize a detecting asteroids activity and invite a scientist to perform an online conference about a space subject.

Astronomical Nights in Santa Rita Faro, Algarve 04, Oct 2020
Tonight there will be an astronomical session with a telescope in Santa Rita at 9 pm. This session will be a brief farewell to some summer asterisms as well as planets that will no longer be visible at night until next summer.

Playing with the stars Faro, Algarve 10, Oct 2020
As part of World Space Week under the theme “Satellites make life better” we propose an activity where you will learn a little more about satellites, our Solar System and finally you will have the opportunity to build your mini observatory that you can use whenever you want. Target audience: 6-12 years

Multimedia Exhibition Lisbon 04, Oct 2020

Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching for the Stars! Lisbon 08, Oct 2020
Videoconference with Dr. Don Thomas , NASA astronaut. 14.30h – 15.45h

The Path of Mars Lisbon 09, Oct 2020
Webinar with João Lousada, ISS Columbus Flight Director and analog astronaut 16.00h – 17.00h

Geophysics and Space Exploration Lisbon 08, Oct 2020
Videoconference with Professor and researcher Rui Moura 16.00h – 17.30h

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World Space Week Highlights 2020

World Space Week is a UN declared celebration of space held annually, every October 4 to 10. It is the largest space event on Earth, with over 8,000 events reported in 2019 and held in 96 countries. These events are organized by thousands of organizations, including space agencies, aerospace companies, astronomy clubs and museums. In 2020, World Space Week is dedicated to satellites and their broad benefits under the theme “Satellites improve life.”
Despite the global pandemic, there are safe and exciting ways to participate and celebrate World Space Week. The Highlights section showcases some of the creative, innovative and popular events bringing people together to celebrate space.

Celebrate World Space Week and its theme of Satellites Improve Life by simply looking up and observing satellites from home
Space4Women will be hosting a special World Space Week online event on the topic of Using Satellites to Improve Lives
The International Telecommunication Union will be organizing a webinar on the topic of Non-Geostationary Satellite Systems: entering into the era of broadband service delivery on October 07. 15h00 -16h30 CET
The International Astronomical Union & Shaw Foundation will be hosting the 2020 Workshop on Astronomy for Education, organised by the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education, which will focus on an overview of education world wide. It will be a fully online, virtual experience that will take place 6 – 9 October 2020.
SpaceWatch.Global will be organizing a special webinar on October 8 to launch ”Moriba’s Vox Populi” to discuss topics of relevance to space safety, security, and sustainability
SpaceWatch.Global will organize a Space Café WebTalk on October 6 featuring Fahad Al Mheiri, Acting Executive Director – Space Sector United Arab Emirates Space Agency
SMART Edu Club will organize a Space Week Workshop on October 8 with a 1 hour session filled with discoveries and activities for children aged 7 and higher
Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) invite people from around the globe to participate in the virtual events organised by their Local Groups throughout Europe.
Society for Space Education, Research and Development (SSERD) will be organizing a 7-day (Oct 4-10) FREE Online Program for students of all ages, which will include lectures, workshops, competitions, and hackathons.

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World Space Week 2020: Join the UN satellite celebration

World Space Week leaders think virtual events could mean good news for turnout.
World Space Week is held each year from Oct. 4 to Oct. 10, and this year’s programming will focus on satellites. World Space Week typically features space events hosted by participating space agencies, aerospace companies, museums, schools, and astronomy clubs, although the week will look different this year given public health measures in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.
This year’s theme is quite relevant to our increasingly virtual lifestyles. The broad benefits of satellites are “things we don’t normally think about; we take them for granted,” Maruška Strah, executive director of World Space Week Association, told in an interview.
“Every single aspect about being able to connect right now [during the pandemic] is thanks to satellites,” Strah added.
World Space Week Association president Dennis Stone told that there is currently a revolution in the satellite industry. “There’s a range of accessibility and applications, so we try to get people to look very broadly this year at what’s happening in the satellite world,” Stone said.
He highlighted the development of cubesats and low Earth orbit megaconstellations as examples of recent trends in the industry. Satellites can also be used to address global issues, Strah said, such as animal migrations and the spread of disease.
Strah and Stone said that the pandemic and its social consequences will likely decrease participation in the week’s events.
“This year we realize there’s going to be a drop in the number of events because it’s not safe to have public gatherings as we would in a normal year,” Stone said, before adding that there are ways to bring science to home.
“We’re also encouraging people to celebrate space and satellites in safe ways,” Stone said. “That could be as simple as parents taking their kids out in the backyard after sunset and looking for satellites in the evening and trying to learn what they are and get excited about what they can do.”
Strah is also optimistic about the global connection that virtual events can provide. Digital gatherings could bring people together from different parts of the world at the same time because there is no need to tackle travel constraints.

World Space Week 2020 runs Oct. 4-Oct. 10. Visit the World Space Week website To learn more about the U.N. project, how to join or host an event.


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